Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located at Ripley Light Marina, 56 Ashley Point Dr. Charleston SC, 29407 (E Dock). After parking take the last entrance "gangway" on to dock that is located on the cul-de-sac just before you enter the California Dreaming restaurant parking lot. We will be a few boats down on your right. Area site map image is provided on our Contact Us page with details and instructions to our vessel.

It is highly suggested  guests show up 15 minutes till your departure time as per our tour policies. Please call in ample time prior to your departure time if unable to locate as we leave on your specified scheduled tour departure time. 

Where do we park?

There is plenty of FREE parking around the marina area.

Is there a restroom?


We have recently added a Porta Potty with a drop down enclosure for use on our Private Charters/Cruises ONLY.  At this time for our Scheduled/public Tours our vessel will remain restroom-less “NO RESTROOM” due to the comfort of other passengers. There are restroom facilities in and around the marina area. It is highly suggested that guest arrive with ample time to use the facilities before boarding.  

Is tipping required?

A 15%-20% tip is customary and appreciated if you enjoyed your trip, captain, and crew.

On our Scheduled Tours, groups of 6 persons or more, i.e "large bachelorette parties on our scheduled sunset cruises, but not limited to" who do not think it is customary to tip your crew will be charged a 18% gratuity to their booking total/credit card post tour.

Are reservations required?

Yes, reservations are required for all of our tours, charters, and excursions. Credit card info. is also required for any bookings to hold your reservations. It is highly suggested that you make reservations far enough in advance if you would like a certain date and time, as we may fill up fast on any given day during the busy season. Private Charters can only be reserved via phone conversation, but you may book online with ease for any of our Scheduled Tours. Just got in town? No problem, just contact us for availability and we will do what we can to accommodate.

What is your BYOB Scheduled Sunset Cruises like?

Or 90 minute Scheduled Sunset Cruises is our most popular tour. This particular cruise is set up for guests to relax and mingle as we slow cruise the Charleston Harbor. We do provide some info on the sites that we pass for the first half but not a overwhelming amount, as we like this cruise to have a more laid back atmosphere with some tunes in the background. We encourage guests to bring their favorite beverages along with all that you will need to enjoy them, but please pack a small cooler as space may be limited. We do however ask that no thin glassed drink ware such as wine glasses be brought aboard our vessel. We do not offer a Wild and a Mild Sunset Cruise like our competitor does, so on Friday and Saturday nights we may have a heaver drinking crowd, more diverse groups, louder parties, and/or larger parties such as bachelorette groups. Families with children, or those looking for piece and quiet on these evenings may need to take this into consideration before booking. AGAIN, THERE ARE NO RESTROOM FACILITIES ON OUR SCHEDULED TOURS.

Do you conduct Scheduled Tours everyday?

Other then Mondays for the most part we do our Scheduled Tours everyday, but there are two exceptions. First, if we do not have any guest interest in a certain tour/date on days leading up to that specific tour, then we will delete it from our calendar. Secondly, if we get Private Charter requests for a specific time/date and no one has booked for a certain Scheduled Tour during that time spot, then we will discontinue that option for the day and/or change the departure time, if able.

What time is the shelling expedition?

The Shelling Expedition is geared around Low Tide. We depart 1-3 hours before to maximize your experience in finding awesome shoreline treasures. This means times will vary (about an hour) from day to day. Lets say, the Low Tide is at noon on any given day, it will be at 1p.m. on the next day and so on. Guests may need to be flexible, as we may not conduct and/or you may not see times on our Scheduled Tour calendar for some particular dates. This is due to extremely early or too late of the low tide. If you book through a third party booking site such as Tripadvisors “Viator”, they do not have and will not display our departure times on their confirmation. Please call for departure time before you reserve through these third party outlets or call in advance for departure times. “Please do not call the day of as some days we depart early in the morning and you will run the risk of missing the boat”. You may also find the departure time on your specific date by clicking the “book now” tab above, or on any other page on our site. Please wear the appropriate water shoes or sandals. AGAIN, THERE ARE NO RESTROOM FACILITIES ON OUR SCHEDULED TOURS.

Do you provide alcohol? Can I bring my own?

NO, and YES, please do, all of our excursions are BYOB. You may bring whatever you would like to drink, but with that said, Harborview Charters and the Captain take no responsibility and are not liable for any injuries due to intoxication and or drunken stupidity.  The Captain will also terminate voyage and payment will be non-refundable. Scheduled tour guests please pack a SMALL cooler as space is limited. Must be 21 yrs. old to partake. ID required.

We paid a couple hundred dollars for your Scheduled Tour or Private Charter, are we going out on a Yacht?

No you are not. Yachts range from $2,500-$8,000 “plus” depending on size of yacht and duration of trip. Please do your research before booking with us. We are not hidden any info or secret boats on our website. Please read, know, and understand what you are paying for before reserving with us. ONCE AGAIN, THERE ARE NO RESTROOM FACILITIES ON OUR SCHEDULED TOURS.

What do I need to bring?

In many cases you need not bring anything except a good attitude. Suggested items that you may want to bring are a camera, water/drinks, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, snacks/lunch, towel, or something long sleeved in case of too much sun, chills, or wetness. In the spring and fall we highly encourage that guest dress and wear appropriate clothing such as a warm jacket. For private charters only, we can provide a catered lunch at request for an additional charge. Please contact us for any questions on items.

Do you have life jackets for children?

Yes. We have life jackets for infants up to XXXL. On our smaller boat 6 yrs. old and under are required to wear life jackets. If your child has a favorite one, then please bring it along.

Do you guarantee dolphin?

We view WILD dolphin in their natural habitat, and although we have a high success rate we cannot guarantee certain wildlife, marine life, or nature sightings as this is out of our control.

Does my child count as a person/passenger?

The US Coast Guard rates/restricts our boats to a specific passenger occupancy and does not recognize “a lap child”. All persons and seats must be accounted for. Please add little ones as part of your group when booking.


Please read our Cancellation, Weather, and Arrival Policies thoroughly.