Things To Do in Charleston SC

Boat Tours, Booze Cruises, or just getting out on the water with friends and family to take in the nature/sights is one of the best things to do here in Charleston SC. Charleston is a boaters paradise that sits right on the Atlantic Ocean, with a plethora of barrier islands/beaches, creeks, rivers, and marshes. And don’t forget about our very historical harbor with numerous landmarks and civil war forts. Water Tours are the only and best way to see all of these wondrous sites and experience what Charleston truly has to offer.

We can stop at one of the areas islands for some sunbathing and swimming, or walk with our naturalist hunting for sharks teeth and gorgeous shells. Let us know what you are looking for and we will make it happen.

Our Booze Cruises are one of our most popular. Have some drinks with your party and relax with some great music, or enjoy a historical learning experience as the captain gives you a full break down on all that you will pass by on our Charleston Harbor Tour.

Did I mention, “DOLPHIN”!! Oh yes, the dolphin many times come right up to the boat!

Book your Dolphin Tour, Harbor Tour, BYOB Sunset Cruise, Shell Hunting Expedition or Private boating experience with us today! You will see why Harborview Charters is the Best Thing To Do in Charleston SC.

Voted Best Boat Tours/Water Tours in Charleston SC

Thank you to all who has rated us best boat tour & water tours in Charleston SC! We are #1 on Yelp for our Dolphin Tours, Harbor Tours, Sunset Cruises, and Private Charters, thanks to all of you! 

Join us from a Harbor View on our Scheduled Dolphin Watching & Harbor Tours. Our captain and crew will make this boat tour a wonderful and personable experience that you and your family will cherish for a life time. This boat tour is packed with history of the Charleston Harbor, surrounding areas, and historical landmarks that built the Holly City. The Captain will also entertain you with fun facts and tidbits of the water ways and modern Charleston as well as our ecosystem and wildlife. And the DOLPHIN, oh YES the DOLPHIN! We have a high success rate in searching out and tracking down or friendly and amazing Bottle Nose Dolphin pods. The crew is very knowledgeable in the area of theses magnificent creatures and will get you up close and personal for some great photo opportunities. We have perfected our dolphin tours over the years to provide you with an experience like no other in the Charleston area. 

Book now for our Scheduled Shelling Expedition tour on beautiful Morris Island. Learn the history of this historical landmark and how it ties into the surrounding Civil War forts. Pass just feet from Fort Sumter were the Civil War started! This 3 hour boat tour is a wonderful way to spend time hunting for shoreline treasures with your family and soak up a little beach time as well. Did we mention sharks teeth? We have had some great luck finding some pretty good size teeth this year, as well as sand dollars, whelks, fossils, and washed up artifacts. Hop aboard and lets head out to the beach!

Fall Private Boat Tours

We made it through Hurricane Matthew and the weather is back to normal for our Sunset Cruises and Private Boat Tours & Charters. The Sunsets are absolutely amazing. The water is calm and tranquil, and the air is amazingly cool and pleasant. Join us this fall and explore the Charleston waters from a Harbor View!

Fun Facts About The Bottlenose Dolphin!

Did you know? Bottlenose dolphin sleep with one eye open and the other closed. Unlike humans, Bottlenose need to be awake to breathe. To prevent drowning while sleeping only half of the dolphin’s brain goes to sleep while the other half remains awake so they can continue to breathe. When the left brain sleeps, the right eye is closed and when the right half sleeps the left eye is closed.

Join us for our Scheduled or Private Dolphin Tours in and around the Charleston Harbor. Book Today!

Todays private boat tour

We had a wonderful time on a 3 hour private charter with a family of 10 from Indiana. The Charleston Harbor was flat and calm and winds were light. We encountered many pods of dolphin, dive bombing pelicans on the hunt for bait fish, and a few sea turtles. We even got up close and personal with two Manatees relaxing in the shallows! This was an awesome day for a harbor tour and one of the most interactive boat tours/dolphin tours we have done all summer. I am so glad we were able to experience all of this wildlife and got some great pictures too!    Thanks John and family for joining us on our private Charleston Harbor Tour and Dolphin Watching today. Hope to see you and your family again soon!