Great Weekend

We have a beautiful weekend. The dolphin were out playing during our boat tours and the sunset cruises have been amazing. We are finding some huge sharks teeth out on Morris Island and the sand dollars have been plentiful. We have been the go to for private cruises as many functions and events were happening this weekend, such as Charleston Race Week Regatta. This was a added bonus this weekend with the hugh amount of sail boats showing off their beautiful and colorful sails. Join us for a relaxing water tour, or call if you are in need of a booze cruising party barge.  

The boating/tour season is upon us. We have conducted a few boat tours thus far as the weather has been pleasantly warm. Our scheduled tour calendar is posted with departure dates and times for our Scheduled Dolphin Watching & Harbor Tours, BYOB Sunset Cruises, and Shelling Expeditions. Check them out and hop aboard! Book online with ease and join us.

Have a big group and looking for a exclusive Boating Excursion to site see, fish, hang at the beach and/or Booze Cruise? Give us a call! All Private Charters are BYOB can be custom to fit your needs.

Keep an eye out on our site, Facebook page, promotional business cards, and the discount site (Boating.Coupons) for any deals we may be running

We will see you on the water!

Fun Facts about Blue Crabs

 Blue Crabs are called a ‘Jimmie’, ‘Sook’, ‘Sally’, and ‘Sponge Crab. Blue crab males are called ‘Jimmies’ and females are called “Sook, Sally, or Sponge Crab’ depending on their stage of sexual maturity. How can you tell a male and a female apart? Males have blue claws with a ‘T’ shape on their belly, also called apron, while females have orange colored tips on their claws. A sexually mature female blue crab is called a ‘Sook’ because she has already mated and given birth, and she carries a ‘U’ or bell shape on her apron. A ‘Sally’ is not sexually mature and carries an inverted ‘V’ shape on her apron. A ‘Sponge Crab’ is a female carrying eggs. She carries them in a sponge like growth beneath her on her apron.                                                                                                

 Female blue crabs mate only once, and even though the female crab mates only once, she may have ‘babies’ several times afterwards. She may lay anywhere from 600,000 to 8 million eggs, and carry them two to nine months!                                                                                                 

Did you know that blue crabs shed old shells to get new ones? The process is called ‘molting’ and it takes two to three hours to shed the old shell. The female blue crab sheds her exoskeleton from twenty to twenty five times before becoming sexually mature. After she molts, she mates once and never molts or mates again. Males molt their entire life witch is not long, only about three years.


Beautiful Weekend

We had awesome weather for December this past weekend. On Saturday we took out a bachelorette party from Texas. We did a little history and found a few dolphin but this was mostly a booze cruise. We play requested music, stopped off at one of the areas water front bars, and enjoyed slow cruising on our party boat. Thanks for joining us ladies!                                            

On Sunday we enjoyed a Private Shelling Expedition with a family from Denmark. The weather was a bit foggy but the temperature pleasant. These guys found all kind of shells, sand dollars, vertebra, and even a horse tooth. What a great day for a water tour out to Morris Island for scavenging some great shoreline treasures. Hope to see y'all again soon!  

Fall Private Boat Tours

We made it through Hurricane Matthew and the weather is back to normal for our Sunset Cruises and Private Boat Tours & Charters. The Sunsets are absolutely amazing. The water is calm and tranquil, and the air is amazingly cool and pleasant. Join us this fall and explore the Charleston waters from a Harbor View!