Solar Eclipse 8/21

View the Solar Eclipse from a Harbor View! We will be conducting our 2 hour dolphin watching and harbor tour during this time, but with a twist. The Charleston Harbor is directly in the path of totality at 2:46 p.m. and will be the best and most impressive place to experience this solar eclipse. With a very thin path starting in Oregon and heading east, Charleston will be the final viewing spot before this natural wonder heads out to sea. Don't miss this historic and beautiful event.

Time: 1:30-3:30

Cost: $36 per 13 yrs. old-adult, $26 children 3-12 yrs. old, and 0-2 yrs. old are free.

Private Charter for up to 18 people for the 4th of July Firework show!

Enjoy a exclusive and private charter with up to 18 of your friends and family on the 4th July while being mesmerized by the Firework display from the USS Yorktown! We will cruise while enjoying the sites and sounds of the beautiful Charleston Harbor during the time of our breathtaking sunset. As the sun is setting over the churches of the Holly City the captain will set anchor in the perfect position for the spectacular firework display off the USS Yorktown.
 Guests are encouraged to BYOB and hors d'oeuvres. 
This excursion lasts approximately 3 hours from 7:15-10:15, with 2 hours of relaxing cruising and a hour or so of the firework display while anchored. 

This event is for up to 18 guests.                                                                                 Cost: $900
(price nonnegotiable for groups fewer than 18 persons)                                 Call to reserve.                               

Join us! Salute and toast to our country, the soldiers and sailors that fight to protect us, and the ones we have lost fighting for our freedom. God bless America!  



Great Private Cruise

Had a blast with John B. and his family from Ohio today. We started with a nice Harbor Tour around the beautiful Charleston Harbor, learning the significance of the areas landmarks and forts. Then we cruised up the Ashley River to Charles Town Landing where our first settlers landed in 1670. We continued on for some eco/nature tour up the creeks and through the marshlands. It was a awesome day with plenty of sun, warm temperatures, and light winds. We encountered many of the areas friendly Bottle Nose Dolphin, water fowl, and other wildlife. Thanks for joining us guys, and hope you had as much fun as I did!

Great Weekend

We have a beautiful weekend. The dolphin were out playing during our boat tours and the sunset cruises have been amazing. We are finding some huge sharks teeth out on Morris Island and the sand dollars have been plentiful. We have been the go to for private cruises as many functions and events were happening this weekend, such as Charleston Race Week Regatta. This was a added bonus this weekend with the hugh amount of sail boats showing off their beautiful and colorful sails. Join us for a relaxing water tour, or call if you are in need of a booze cruising party barge.